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Code CR1400 Barcode Scanners

The Code CR1400 - Robust Barcode Reader!

Using patented dual-field optical imaging technology packed in a compact and ergonomic housing, the Code CR1400 series of barcode readers can meet your every data collection requirement. This corded barcode scanner weighs only four ounces yet decodes Code128, UPC and Postal barcodes (1-Dimensional) as well as QRCode, DataMatrix and Aztec two-dimensional barcodes. Code's CR1400 barcode scanner can read a wide range of high density, low density and damaged barcodes, and even take pictures.

With a sizable JavaScript programmable memory, the CR1400 can format what's sent to the host... even change the input based on rules you define. Built to withstand the harshest of environments, the CR1400 is at home equally in the office, warehouse or laboratory.

Code CR1400 Features & Benefits

  • True "imaging" capability
  • 5-year warranty
  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of ALL symbologies
  • Reads barcodes from computer & mobile device screens
  • Use Java for data editing, prefixes, suffixes, parsing and substitutions
  • Available with USB or RS232 interfaces
  • 128MB Flash ROM, 32MB RAM
  • Switch to auto-scan in optional stand
  • IP54, 6' drop to concrete rated

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Product ImageItem NumberDescriptionPriceBuy Now
CR1411-C500 CR1411-C500Code CR1400 Scanner Kit, Light Gray, USB, 6-ft Straight USB Cable (CR1411-C500) $236.44
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CR1411-C501 CR1411-C501Code CR1400 RS232 Kit, Light Gray, 8-ft Coiled Cable (CR1411-C501) $236.43
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CR1411-C508 CR1411-C508Code CR1400 Light Gray USB Kit, and 8-ft Coiled USB Cable (CR1411-C508) $236.44
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CR1411-C514 CR1411-C514Code CR1400, Light Gray, USB, 14-ft Coiled USB Cable (CR1411-C514) $243.39
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CR1411-CX CR1411-CXCode CR1400 Light Gray Scanner Only (CR1411-CX) $222.53
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CR1411-PKR2 CR1411-PKR2Code CR1400, Light Gray, 8-ft Coiled RS232 Cable, Stand (CR1411-PKR2) $260.77
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CR1411-PKU CR1411-PKUCode CR1400, Light Gray, 6-ft Straight USB Cable, Stand (CR1411-PKU) $260.77
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CR1411-PKU8 CR1411-PKU8Code CR1400, Light Gray, 8-ft Coiled USB Cable, Stand (CR1411-PKU8) $260.77
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CR1421-C500 CR1421-C500Code CR1400 Dark Gray USB Scanner Kit, 6-ft Straight USB Cable (CR1421-C500) $236.44
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CR1421-C501 CR1421-C501CR1400 Dark Gray RS232 Kit with 8-ft Coiled 9-Pin serial Cable (CR1421-C501) $236.43
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CR1421-C508 CR1421-C508Code CR1400 USB Kit with 8-ft Coiled USB Cable, Dark Gray (CR1421-C508) $236.44
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CR1421-CX CR1421-CXCode CR1400 Dark Gray Scanner Only (CR1421-CX) $222.50
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CR1421-PKR2 CR1421-PKR2Code CR1400 Dark Gray Serial Kit, 8-ft Coiled RS232 Cable, Stand (CR1421-PKR2) $260.77
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CR1421-PKU CR1421-PKUCode CR1400, Dark Gray, 6-ft Straight USB Cable, Stand (CR1421-PKU) $260.77
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CR1421-PKU8 CR1421-PKU8Code CR1400, Dark Gray USB Kit with Stand (CR1421-PKU8) $260.00
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