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Code 900FD Corded Barcode Reader

The Code CR900FD is a great value, with flexibility to grow!

The Code CR900FD Barcode Scanner is Code's entry level corded scanner. It has a fast, accurate omni-directional area imaging engine that speeds through reading 1-Dimensional barcodes. Because the decoding engine is so flexible, you'll be able to upgrade the Code CR900FD to read any / all 2D symbologies with a small licensing fee. Note that this area imager allows reading barcodes from monitors and mobile device screens.

The CR900FD is Economical, Durable and Versitile. Because of it's unique decoding engine, the it out performs laser line scanners and area imagers with a lower investment. It is effective in point-and-shoot or in auto-scan mode. It automatically switched to auto-scan when in its flex neck stand.. The CR900FD is built tough, with a 5-year warranty!

Code CR900FD Features & Benefits

  • Great performance with entry level price
  • 5-year warranty
  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of all 1D barcode symbologies
  • Wide area imager is fast and accurate
  • Optional 2-Dimensional scanning (symbology of choice)
  • User feedback with LED and audible tone
  • Manual or automatic triggering, Stand sensing for auto-sense
  • Reads barcodes on mobile device screens
  • IP54 housing
  • Uses Code’s rapid disconnect Affinity® cables


Click here for Code CR900FD Accesssories     CR900FD DataSheet

Product ImageItem NumberDescriptionPriceBuy Now
CR921-C500 CR921-C500Code CR900FD, Dark Gray, 6-ft USB Straight Cable (CR921-C500) $134.60
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CR921-C508 CR921-C508Code CR900FD, Dark Gray, 8-ft USB Coiled Cable (CR921-C508) $136.61
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CR921-PKR CR921-PKRCode CR900FD RS232 Kit, with cable, P/S, Stand (CR921-PKR) $135.60
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CR921-PKRS-CD5 CR921-PKRS-CD5Code CR900FD RS232 Kit, dark gray, & Power Supply, ALL SYMBOLOGIES (CR921-PKRS-CD5) $263.56
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CR921-PKU CR921-PKUCode CR900FD, Dark Gray, 6-ft USB Cable, Stand (CR921-PKU) $143.95
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CR921-PKU-CD7 CR921-PKU-CD7Code CR900FD USB Kit with stand, 6' cable and QR Code License, Dark Gray (CR921-PKU-CD7) $171.77
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